2018 Raffle Calendar Winners

Congratulations to all the Raffle Calendar Winners! All winners are drawn and posted one week in advance. Thank You everyone for your continued support. GO EAGLES!!!!

Your 2018 Raffle Winners:

Oct 1st.~ Joan Shepard~$20.00

Oct 2nd.~Rick Janes~$30.00

Oct 3rd.~Maryann Niesel~$40.00

Oct 4th.~Christine Burns~$50.00

Oct 5th.~Lori Gessing~$100.00

Oct 6th.~Richard E. Sadlowski ~$75.00

Oct 7th.~ John D. Bridgman ~$100.00

Oct 8th.~Kevin Torchia ~$20.00

Oct 9th.~ Barbara Dadmun ~$30.00

Oct 10th.~ Emilia Garcia ~ $40.00

Oct 11th.~Kristen Larson~ $50.00

Oct 12th.~Kathy Pike~$100.00

Oct 13th.~Robert Deprey~$75.00

Oct 14th.~James Tisdell~$100.00

Oct 15th.~Jenafer Andren-Kazunas~$20.00

Oct 16th.~

Oct 17th.~

Oct 18th.~

Oct 19th.~

Oct 20th~

Oct 21st.~

Oct 22nd.~

Oct 23rd.~

Oct 24th.~

Oct 25th.~

Oct 26th.~

Oct 27th.~

Oct 28th.~

Oct 29th.~

Oct 30th.~

Oct 31st.~

All winners will receive a check by mail.