2017 Raffle Calendar Winners

Congratulations to all the Raffle Calendar Winners! All winners are drawn and posted one week in advance. Thank You everyone for your continued support. GO EAGLES!!!!

Your 2017 Raffle Winners:

Oct 1st.~ Trevor Chapdelaine~$75.00

Oct 2nd.~Alice Roy~$100.00

Oct 3rd.~Tim Young~$20.00

Oct 4th.~Kevin Sanders~$30.00

Oct 5th.~Seth Guistimbelli~$40.00

Oct 6th.~Peggie Clark~$50.00

Oct 7th.~Aime Turgeon~$100.00

Oct 8th.~Brian Healy~$75.00

Oct 9th.~Linda Funk~$100.00

Oct 10th.~Jared Hamel~$20.00

Oct 11th.~Eric Talbot~$30.00

Oct 12th.~Cynthia Jensen~$40.00

Oct 13th.~Nina O’Leary~$50.00

Oct 14th.~Sara Boyle~$100.00

Oct 15th.~Joe McCoy~$75.00

Oct 16th.~Betty Ann Corcodilos~$100.00

Oct 17th.~Jennifer Corbeil~$20.00

Oct 18th.~Seth Carpenter~$30.00

Oct 19th.~Anothony Hairston~$40.00

Oct 20th~Eric Smith~50.00

Oct 21st.~Hayley Phillips~$100.00

Oct 22nd.~Brian Fournier~$75.00

Oct 23rd.~Amy Bisbee~$100.00

Oct 24th.~Allan Eldridge~$20.00

Oct 25th.~David Osiecki~$30.00

Oct 26th.~Craig Sullivan~$40.00

Oct 27th.~Molly Ward~$50.00

Oct 28th.~Mary Ellen Smith~$100.00

Oct 29th.~Michael Theriault~$75.00

Oct 30th.~Ralph Alcock~$100.00

Oct 31st.~Justin Camp~$200.00

All winners will receive a check by mail.