Football FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the season start and end?
The season starts the 1st week of August, and runs through the first week of November

How much time is involved in football?
Football is a big commitment of time for both the players and parents. Beginning around August 1stthrough about September 4th practice is 4 days a week Monday – Thursday 5:30 – 7:30pm. Then once school starts, kids practice 3 days a week, Tuesday-Thursday 5:30 – 7:30. Games are played on Sundays beginning the 1st Sunday in September.

Isn’t it really hot in August?
Yes it is! That is why it is important that your child drink lots of water during football season, not just during practice, your child should be hydrating all day. Coaches have scheduled water breaks throughout practices. Please be sure your child brings adequate water to practice.

Is football too rough for my child?
Only you and your child can answer that question EFFA takes great strides to insure that coaches are knowledgeable, well trained individuals with the abilities to teach proper techniques and skills.; and that all equipment is inspected and in good working condition to provide proper safety for all players.  However keep in mind this it tackle football.  It’s not a sport for every child, please discuss this with your child and any of our board members prior to registering if you have concerns.


Are coaches paid employees?
No they are volunteers who because of their love of the game donate their time to the program.  EFFA is entirely run by men and women who put in a huge amount of personal time all year round to make this program available for our children. ALL coaches attend required coaches training by SAFL law.

Can I sign my child up now and pay later?
No.  Due to the nature of this sport there are a number of expenses that must be paid before the season even begins.  We are not able to register any child without payment in full at registration time unless coordinated by the EFFA executive board.

After registration fees are paid will there be any other expenses?
No.  Fundraising covers the balance of the expenses incurred by EFFA.  You as a parent are required to help with all fundraisers.

Equipment – What do I need to buy?
Football cleats
An athletic supporter (yes, it’s a cup!)
Practice pants with integrated pads

Equipment- What does EFFA provide?
Players whose uniforms are lost, stolen, or damaged due to misuse will be required to pay for the uniform at the replacement cost.  The replacement costs are as follows
Maroon pants                                      $30.00
Numbered jersey                                $35.00
Belt                                                      $5.00
Helmet                                                $130.00
Shoulder pads                                     $80.00
Hip pads                                              $10.00
Knee pads                                           $10.00
Thigh pads                                          $10.00
Tail bone pad                                      $5.00

How much will my child play?
Coaches try to play all children as equitably as possible IAW SAFL rules.

Why do football coaches yell so much?
Let us answer this way…. Imagine if you invited 35 boys over to your home, put pads and a helmet on them and told them to hit each other as hard as they can, knock each other down and then do it again,again and… again. And again, what do you think would happen? More likely than not it would be complete chaos, mayhem, arguing, eventual name-calling, fist fighting and perhaps even a call from your neighbors asking you to move. I’m not sure a polite “Lets calm down now boys” would cut it.  The answer to this question is: Coaches will demand complete attention and sometimes they demand it loudly. This is a contact sport and coaches are responsible for teaching the kids not only how to play football, but to do it properly so no one gets hurt. This requires a lot of cooperation, teamwork and respect for each other and to this end; coaches will make sure they are heard.

What are the weight limits for skilled positions:                                                          Pee Wees: Any player weighing more than 80.0 pounds at the SAFL official weigh-in (player may have in-season weight of 82 pounds) shall be deemed an overweight player. This means that the player must play on the interior line from tackle to tackle.

Juniors: Any player weighing more than 115.0 pounds at the SAFL official weigh-in (player may have in-season weight of 120 pounds) shall be deemed an overweight player. This means that the player must play on the interior line from tackle to tackle.

Seniors: Any player weighing more than 135.0 pounds at the SAFL official weigh-in (player may have in-season weight of 140 pounds) shall be deemed an overweight player. This means that the player must play on the interior line from tackle to tackle.

All players will be weighed at an official SAFL weigh in prior to the first game. Players are to be weighed only once, at the official weigh in. All players are to be weighed in game jersey, and shorts IAW SAFL By-Laws. Any player exceeding the skilled position weight will be deemed an “overweight player” and be limited to playing positions of down linemen on either offense or defense.

What time does practice start?
5:30 Players must be on field dressed and ready to practice 15 min prior to practice time.

What does my child need to bring to practice?
A good attitude
Water or Gatorade
Shoulder Pads (Coaches may not require shoulder pads for the first week or so, they will let your child know when they will begin “full pad” practices)
Bug spray

 How long is practice?
It is generally 2 to 2 1/2 hours per practice. Once the days begin to shorten practice will also shorten, our fields are not lit and we don’t want kids practicing in the dark.

Please be prompt picking up your child. The field shuts down promptly after practice and can get quite dark.

 When is practice once school starts?
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5:30-7:30 as the season winds down and the days get shorter the practices will end sooner

What if my son is not going to practice?
Your son needs to call one of the coaches or leave a message prior to practice that he will not be attending.

Where are games and practices held?
We practice behind White Brook Middle School in Easthampton, home games are played on the Field also at White Brook Middle  School. We are a traveling team, and play teams from as far away as Quabog.  Directions to our away games will be posted on our web site.

What day & time are the games?
The games are on Sunday. Games generally begin with the Pee-Wee division “kicking off” at 12:00 followed by the Jr. Division and lastly the Sr. Division. More information about specific game times and locations will be posted on the website’s Events Calendar page.

Do I have to participate in fundraising?
Yes, each child is required to sell 10 raffle calendars

Do I have to volunteer at the games?
Yes, each family is required to volunteer for at least one game working in the snack shack, chain gang or on a fundraising event.

There is a $30.00 opt out fee that can be paid at registration, you can not opt out of volunteering unless you pay this fee at registration.

How will I know what game(s) I have to volunteer for?
You will have the option to sign up for which event works for you. If you do not sign up for at least one, one will be chosen for you. You will then receive notification via postcard, if for some reason you can’t work the game you have been assigned, you will need to try and switch with another family. Please notify the Volunteer coordinator of any changes, via email

Can girls sign up to play football with the boys?
YES! Absolutely

If my child does not like football or we are unhappy with our team later, can we quit and get our money back?
NO. Due to the pre-season costs in this sport, all fees paid at registration are not refundable for any reason.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?
Ask the coach AFTER PRACTICE

**Please do not go on the practice field or Playing field while the teams are practicing or playing. If you have any questions please wait until after the practice or Game has ended. **