Cheerleading FAQ’S

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can anyone cheer?  Essentially yes!!  As long as your child is entering 3rd grade in fall they are more than welcome to join the team.  We don’t have try outs so anyone (including boys) is MORE than welcome to sign up.

What kind of a commitment is cheerleading?  Practices start early August and continue every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-7:30 through the end of October.  Games begin Labor Day weekend and will continue every Sunday for 8 games.

Do I have to provide transportation?  Yes, we ask that parents bring children to and from practices and games.  There are 4 home games (WBMS) and 4 away games that locations will be posted once the season begins.

Please be prompt picking up your child. The field’s shuts down promptly after practice and can get quite dark.

 Besides the registration fee, what will I be responsible for?  There are 3 items that are required to complete the cheer uniform that you will be responsible for purchasing.  White cheer sneakers, bloomers (shorts that go under the skirt for girls) and a game day bow (for girls). EFFA will provide for girls – skirt, mock turtleneck and skirt, for boys – shorts and a shirt.  We have plenty of items that are most certainly optional, but they sure are fun!!

My child has never cheered before and doesn’t know how to tumble. Will he/she be behind the other cheerleaders? Absolutely not!!  We start from scratch every season.  We come up with new dances and cheers for halftime shows so they are new to everyone.  We go over the sideline cheers at almost every practice.  As far as tumbling goes, we encourage children to do what they know.  EFFA does not have a certified gym coach available at this time, so we will NOT teach new moves to the children other than maybe a cartwheel or summersault.

Is cheerleading safe?  As with any sport there is some risk involved. We try to keep the children focused on their task and make sure everyone is comfortable in their stunting groups.  The parent coaches are trained and are there to make sure things happen in the correct order and children are ready for the next step.

What team will my child be on?  3rd and 4th grade is Peewee Squad, 5th and 6th grade is Junior Squad and 7th and 8th grade is Senior Squad. 8th grade, any child that will be 15 BEFORE Nov 1 is not eligible to cheer.  2nd grade: Any child that turns 8 BEFORE Sept. 1 is eligible to cheer; with the FULL understanding he/she will be a three year Pee Wee cheerleader.

Besides cheering at games, will my child be participating in other activities?  There are 2 events that each cheerleader (and coach) look forward to every season.  The first is called Exhibition – all the youth groups from our area get together for a day (middle of October on a Saturday) to show off what they have learned for the season.  The second we try to enter a local Cheer Competition – typically in Springfield (on a Saturday).  The one we do is usually pretty small scale so it is not overwhelming for the cheerleaders.